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About Bart


Sales & Leadership Coach

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Bart Nollenberger is a successful motivational speaker, sales trainer, and executive coach. Throughout his career in the auto industry, Bart spent considerable time learning, studying, and affecting change within his own life and business to maximize his potential and work with integrity and character. He has since used this experience to partner with some of the top companies in the world to help teach sales and leadership to their business leaders and supporting staff. Some of his notable partners include Ford Motor Company, Toyota USA, AutoNation, and Galpin auto dealership groups.

It is with a true passion for his work Bart seeks to inspire action with his heartfelt and authentic enthusiasm and energy. His objective is to be a resource for those who wish to make the most out of their natural gift in order to achieve success in all aspects of life. He believes his true calling lies in the ability to make a difference in the lives of those around him and encouraging them to live out their passions in healthy, positive lifestyles. 

Bart has studied under some of the top motivational coaches in the world, including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Paul Martinelli, and John Maxwell to name a few. Bart is truly an example that it is never too late to soar with success.

Bart resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Mary. Between the 2 of them they have 10 kids and 6 grandkids


Keep the Change Podcast

Keep The Change is a podcast that explores the personal stories of those who have broken the chains of their past and rose to accomplish extraordinary outcomes in the present. Join Bart Nollenberger and his guests every Thursday as they share their real-world wisdom about personal healing and forgiveness, self-care and development, and spirituality. Expect to discover how you can change, and keep it that way.

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